Allikas: Minority Translate
Redaktsioon seisuga 24. juuni 2016, kell 16:29 kasutajalt Siebrand (arutelu | kaastöö)

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When translation from English to Russian will be realised in the Minority Translate tool? --Ochilov (arutelu) 9. märts 2015, kell 13:39 (UTC)

Not within current year. But the program can help you with manual translation by proving a good environment where to make translations. Kruusamägi (arutelu) 25. märts 2015, kell 00:17 (UTC)

How does this tool compare to the Content Translation feature?

The Wikimedia Foundation Language Engineering team has been working on the Content Translation (CX) feature for a few years now. It is really nice, and has many accessibility and convenience features that this tool appears to lack. How do the features compare, is there contact between the two efforts, and could this solution, with changes or additions to CX, maybe be retired in favour of CX? Siebrand (arutelu) 24. juuni 2016, kell 16:29 (UTC)