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Redaktsioon seisuga 13. jaanuar 2016, kell 14:25 kasutajalt Ptinits (arutelu | kaastöö)

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Ivo Kruusamägi - ivo[at]
Project leader. Head wikipedian.
Andrjus Frantskjavitsius - andrjus.frantskjavitsius[at]
Full-stack developer.
Peeter Tinits - peeter[at]
Project member. Language expert.
Kristian Kankainen - kristian[at]
Project member. Organizing host at NGO Keeleleek.
Sulev Iva - sulev.iva[at]
Project member. Language consultant.

Translations: Tatiana Alybina, Sulev Iva
Get involved!
Get involved! If you are interested in the project and developing minor language wikipedias, let us know and get involved. We can use help with development, organization, dissemination, and generally thinking about how to make it work. It is a common goal after all!