Allikas: Minority Translate
Redaktsioon seisuga 2. jaanuar 2016, kell 13:50 kasutajalt Ptinits (arutelu | kaastöö)

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It is a java program and to run this you'll need a Java Runtime Environment. If you don't have it yet, then download the newest version from here (for MS Windows). For GNU/Linux user we'll recommend IcedTea or OpenJDK, even though you should already have one installed.
It is written in the most recent java version, that still isn't supported by open source implementations of the Java platform, and therefore it includes some support for older versions.
Current newest version of Minority Translate is 1.11 (Sept 2015) and it is in public beta. You can download it from here. Source code can be found in our BitBucket page.