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Redaktsioon seisuga 29. veebruar 2016, kell 12:37 kasutajalt Ptinits (arutelu | kaastöö)

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To use Minority Translate, just download the latest version. There are several options for this. Previous versions are not recommended for usage.
On any of GNU/Linux, Windows or OS X computers you can use the .jar file, which is a portable java executable. To run Minority Translate, just run the .jar file. For the .jar file to work you need to install a Java Runtime Environment (8u40 or newer) on your computer, a download link for this can be found here.
1) If you use GNU/Linux systems, then you can install the from the tar.gz file by clicking on the Linux x64 edition.
2) If you use a version of Windows, then you can simply run the software by unzipping the file, and running "minoritytranslate.exe". In this case, no installation of Java Runtime Environment is needed.
3) If you use OS X, then the .jar file should work for you too. You need Java Runtime Environment (8u40 or newer) to run this, but probably you do. You can download and install the library here here.
Previous versions are not recommended for usage. Find the download links here.
If you have any issues in getting the software to run, please contact us and we will try to fix your problem. If you are able to install JRE (8u40 or newer), the program should run on your computer.
The Windows and GNU/Linux packages don't need any installation. If you run the .jar file you'll need a Java Runtime Environment (8u40 or newer).
Minority Translate will make a local storage on your computer, the location of which depend on your operating system. In Windows it will be a folder called Minority Translate in My Documents. In GNU/Linux it will be a folder called Minority Translate in your home directory ~/ .
We would be very happy to know more about the people who find it helpful. Please fill this registration web form. The program will work the same, but feedback will allow us to better develop it in the future
The tool is written in the most recent java version, that still isn't very supported by open source implementations of the Java platform.
The source code can be found at our BitBucket page.
We would also like to make the application accessible for more languages. You can help translate the interface into your language.