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Website available in English, Russian (Русский), Estonian (Eesti).
Software available in English, Russian (Русский), Estonian (Eesti), Võro.

We are looking for help with translation! Contact us or use the translation interface!


Minority Translate

Minority Translate is a tool for helping smaller sized Wikipedias grow (actually any sized) by helping to show existing articles from any other languages. The user can translate or adapt the material and quickly increase the size and useability of their Wikipedia language edition. Minority Translate supports every Wikipedia language version there is (and will be).

The tool can help the smaller language editions starting out in the Wikipedia Incubator to establish themselves and work as individuals or in teams. Its focus on quick article creation makes that tool especially suitable for it.

Information about the translation process is optionally collected and made available under a free license. This data can help give socio-linguistical and language planning insights as well as help develop language technology for lesser resourced languages.

News: There are now also two training videos available!

News: To improve accessibility, we started a community wiki on Wikimedia Meta. A public wiki could help us start gathering knowledge on the topic together. You are welcome to contribute!

Note: Recently we sent this public message (or a variation of this) to a few activists around the world. Feel free to share!

Let's help small languages get digital. Come contact us and let's think together!