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Minority Translate is a tool for quick content creation in Wikipedia through an interface for rapid translation from articles in other languages. It is primarily designed to assist smaller language Wikipedias, where such bulk translation may significantly ease in gaining an initial foothold or expanding its base in particular categories (e.g. history, geography etc). The interface also allows the user to fill the gaps within particular categories in larger Wikipedias.
The interface also interacts with a linguistic corpus, where the translation data is gathered, and formed into a language resource, for descriptive studies and technological applications. Information on this data and its means for access it can be found here.
It is a java program and to run this you'll need a Java Runtime Environment. If you don't have it yet, then download the newest version from here (for MS Windows). For GNU/Linux user we'll recommend IcedTea or OpenJDK, even though you should already have one installed.
It is written in the most recent java version, that still isn't supported by open source implementations of the Java platform, and therefore it includes some support for older versions.
Current newest version of Minority Translate is 1.11 (Sept 2015) and it is in public beta. You can download it from here. Source code can be found in our BitBucket page.
Autocomplete function
MT brings in possibilities that allow to speed up the creation of new articles (especially suited for shorter articles):
  • category and list download combined with suitability for working with big sets of articles (up to thousands of articles at a time)
  • text coloring to ease understanding of wikitext and autocomplete to speed up its creation
  • Wikidata based link translation and autocomplete functionality for link checking
  • dictionary support for translation process and built-in spell check
  • automation of simple tasks (like adding links to Wikidata while uploading article)
  • translation memory, that is specially good for translating templates
  • special symbol support
  • snippets for more powerful copypaste
  • session tagging for classroom use
  • off-line working capability and use of sessions
  • additional plugins for advanced editing (like different spellers and automatic translation software)
While we have aimed to make the program as easy and intuitive to use as possible, it may still be worth to have a quick look at the manual page to find all the handy features (like text processing) and keyboard shortcuts built into the program.
If you have any questions, problems, or recommendations about the program, feel free to contact us.
Want some recommendations for translations? Look here.
Statistics on the use of program.