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Dear reader!

We're currently working on a project to help smaller languages develop their Wikipedia content. The project webpage is here with most of the information available, although due to lack of time and resources it is somewhat unpolished. If you think it is a good idea we heartily welcome you to get involved more and help us build this resource.

A strong Wikipedia could be a powerful statement and motivation for a languages in danger of language shift. We think that smaller language Wikipedias could greatly benefit from simple article translation. Writing to Wikipedia could constitute a fresh activity for languages with little digital presence. An app to do this could provide a meaningful activity for a language otherwise falling out of use. So we've tried to build a tool that would have some features to support this, allowing for several workflows. The main key ingredients we have thought the most important are quick and painless focus on translation (ideally the translator only needs to write their language and do no more), curated article lists and automatic categories to work with to organize translations on some particular topic, support for sessions so you can organize events for translation, and offline use - so you don't need constant contact online.

This is the first time we approach a broader audience with this. We see it as a collective project from which the participants could gain, so if you have any ideas on this, or would like to do more, contact us and let us know. Currently it's been made by just a few people on their laptops. There are similar projects like this, and our aim is just to help the minority languages establish a foothold in the internet. If you have ideas on how we could help the small languages better, or would like to become more active yourself, please let us know! The easiest place to help is with a translation for your community if you see it necessary.

It seems a good idea also to build a wiki on developing minor languages on the internet, and the wiki we have would be one place to locate it. We would like to join forces with more people with the same aim, to get that productively going.

Thanks for your time - if you know of anyone that could be interested in this, I kindly ask you to forward this e-mail to them as well.

Best regards, The development team