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Allikas: Minority Translate
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Viimane redaktsioon: 13. jaanuar 2016, kell 13:33

Minority Translate currently supports Hunspell for spellchecking.

To get started, you need to download the plugin and place it in the folder "Minority Translate/plugins" which lives in your home folder. If the folders don't exist, you simply need to create them.

Thereafter you need to download the dictionary and affix files for your language. There are many places where to look at, the [Hunspell homepage] lists a few.

Once you have found the .dic and .aff files for your language, place them in the folder "Minority Translate/hunspell".

You then need to write a configuration file called "" in the folder "Minority Translate". The content of this file pairs your hunspell files with the Wikipedia language codes. For example, if I have the files "et_EE.dic" and "et_EE.aff" placed in the hunspell folder, I need to add the two lines to the configuration file: = ${ROOT}/hunspell/et_EE.dic = ${ROOT}/hunspell/et_EE.aff