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This page should be given proper formatting and then linked publicly too. Also front page could also refer to bitbucket with issues and proposals.

Just a place for terminological proposals up for discussion. Preferences -> Settings (depends on how the meaning of that word usually works, but it seems to me that preferences is usually non-essential). Currently the things you change under there however are essential.

Andrjus Frantskjavitsius REPO OWNER peeter_t2, I think that Preferences is fine. My IDE and Firefox use Preferences. I also want to keep as much consistency as possible (I use Preferences internally). 2 days ago

peeter_t2 REPORTER

Well, that can very well be. This topic is more to create a place for these proposals. The meanings of these words however depends on how they are normally used in software programs, which is probably not consistent, but there may be some majority-minority rules. I don't know that really so these questions are best discussed publicly. Probably preferences is fine. Edit Delete 2 days ago

Kristian Kankainen

Does JavaFX have a way to let the users computer (i.e the window manager) to use it's own preferred, standard menu item labels? I know some widget toolkits do have that option, but I don't know if Java has it. yesterday

Andrjus Frantskjavitsius REPO OWNER

Kristian Kankainen, to my knowledge, JavaFX doesn’t offer standard menu item labels. yesterday

Andrjus Frantskjavitsius REPO OWNER

Also, note that Preferences contains text processing, which is not essential. I assume the user will end up on that page quite often. I will probably add more non-essentials. There is also the shortcut Ctrl + P which would be changed to Ctrl + S or Ctrl + C if configuration. 2 hours ago

Andrjus Frantskjavitsius REPO OWNER

changed status to wontfix I want to add all kind of different non-essential options to preferences. Lets keep it like this for now. 2 hours ago

peeter_t2 REPORTER

I would define essential as: "includes anything that is essential", whether or not it includes non-essential things too wouldn't matter for me. The point is that you absolutely must look there before doing anything else. But like I said, I think the terminology is a matter of practice and habits of use, and I can only really say about my own intuitions. Keeping it open would allow the best solution to be chosen in the long run. But by all means keep it as it is for now, as it is not an very important topic at this point.

A place for discussion on design proposals. Log in/ Log out, could perhaps be moved to settings with just the boxes for user details. This would just be for visual compactness, and it is a probable case, that you would want to change your user just about as often as you would change your languages. (Also this would keep the link with language proficiencies specific).

Design proposal nr2 Workflow proposals: 1st start of the program, start quick start as pop-up on top of the interface. 2nd (and all others) start of the program: Pop-up login or the preferences menu. My proposal would be: Move login to preferences, and popup preferences on the login options. This would make it most clear to keep the settings always updated.