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Allikas: Minority Translate

There exists some technical differences between the platforms supporting the language editions in the Wikipedia Incubator and the bigger language editions' (i.e "regular") Wikipedia. This page tries to list some of these differences and they will be mediated to the Wikimedia Foundation. The equal treatment of language editions is an important thing.

No Wikidata

Language editions in the Wikipedia Incubator has no links to Wikidata. Because of this there are no inter-wiki language links available for Incubator articles. One of the effects this has is when opening an Incubator article in Minority Translate, the corresponding articles can not be found. Also the opposite is true, when opening a "regular" Wikipedia article, no corresponding Incubator articles are found.

Since it is more likely that the content transfer done with Minority Translate is in the direction from the "regular" Wikipedias to a language edition in the Incubator and that the corresponding article does not allready exist, this can be pragmatically circumwented. The user proceeds in the following steps:

  1. The user opens an article from any of the bigger Wikipedia editions and the corresponding article will automaticall be opened in all of the "bigger" languages the user has marked in his preferences.
  2. The user enters the title of the article translated into the target language. The tool warns if an article with the same name allready exists.
  3. The user writes the article.
  4. When the article is uploaded to the Incubator, Minority Translate doesn't create any Wikidata links but creates traditional language links instead.
  5. These language links can later be converted to Wikidata when the language edition makes the transition becoming a "regular" Wikipedia.