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Developing the application has grown out from thinking about the state of small languages in the world and the role internet has played and can play in all of this. This is a growing document to gather the ideas behind the development and to use them in the most productive way.

Reasons behind this

Some comments on languages now

Linguistic diversity on the internet

To be added

Linguistic diversity in the Wikipedia

Hale~\cite{hale_multilinguals_2013} has found that multilingual Wikipedia users are much more active in editing and creating articles than their single-edition (monolingual) counterparts and that smaller-sized editions with fewer users have a higher percentage of multilingual users than larger-sized editions. Hale also points out that other studies comparing content across Wikipedia's language editions have found a “surprisingly small amount of content overlap between languages of Wikipedia”.

The latter point shows that there is a substantial gap that the tool can be used to fill and the former that there could exist potential users. Since the tool doesn't constrain but instead rather relaxes the translation relation between the original text(s) and the created article, these users need not be professional translators. Any degree of content transfer is accepted, which is relevant from the point of view of the language community.

The potential role of internet on vitality of languages

Incl. "linguistic vitality". Also role in ortography and standard/written language building.

Building a Wikipedia for a small language



For a "quick-start" translating only the first sentence or paragraph. This could bring basic but wide enough "encyclopedic functionality". Somewhere is an article about the high information content of the first sentence of Wikipedia articles.

Group work flows and strategies ...