Technical overview

Allikas: Minority Translate
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Autocomplete function
MT simplifies the creation of new articles with a number of features designed for various styles and aims of use:

A simple and intuitive interface to allow you to focus on the task at hand - translation and article creation!
  • Multiple source languages can be used simultaneously to help the writer.
  • Support for Wikipedia Incubator language editions.
  • Colored text to simplify reading and writing wikisyntax.
  • In-text autocomplete
  • Dictionary support and built-in spell check using Hunspell
  • Special symbol support
  • The user interface is compact and can quickly be translated in your language
Ways to guide and organize your own or language community's translations and the development of the wikipedia into activities
  • Downloading articles by category, topic or suggestion list to use on translation (up to thousands of articles at a time).
  • Easily customizable [Look here recommendation lists] to guide the development of the wikipedia
  • Session tagging for classroom use
  • Off-line support for most operations
Automatization of many small tasks on Wikipedia translation
  • Added links to Wikidata while uploading article
  • Added edit summary on the translation.
  • Translation memory, especially good for translating templates
The tool optionally gathers information about the translation process. This information can be a resource for descriptive studies or language technology.
  • Collected data is annotated according to the language skills specified by the user
  • Data includes the languages used for source and target of the translation
  • The edit data is time-stamped when the article is marked for upload in the tool when working offline.
  • The corpus is available under a free license
Additional features to simplify the process
  • Snippets for more powerful copypaste
  • Pull function and Wikidata based link translation and autocomplete functionality for link checking
  • Plugins for advanced editing (like different spellers and automatic translation applications)
Minority Translate only does its task when it can be used in any of the languages used in translation. We have prepared a small interface for anyone to translate the interface to their language. More information is available in the section for localization
While we have aimed to make the program as easy and intuitive to use as possible, it may still be worth to have a quick look at the manual page to find all the handy features (like text processing) and keyboard shortcuts built into the program.
If you have any questions, problems, or recommendations about the program, feel free to contact us.
Want to add some recommendations for translations? Look here.
Statistics on the use of program.
Get involved!
If you are interested in the project and developing minor language wikipedias, let us know and get involved. We can use help with development, organization, dissemination, and generally thinking about how to make it work. It is a common goal after all!